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    4. In comparison to the beginning of the year, how satisfied are you in your business right now?
    Extremely satisfiedSatisfiedIndifferentUnsatisfiedExtremely unsatisfied

    5. In comparison to the beginning of the year, how satisfied are you with your work/life balance?
    Extremely satisfiedSatisfiedIndifferentUnsatisfiedExtremely unsatisfied

    6c-ii. Knowing that these haven’t been completed, how does that make you feel?

    7. How has your annual financial goal ended in comparison to last year? (if applicable)

    16. How satisfied were you with us working together this past year?
    Extremely satisfiedSatisfiedIndifferentUnsatisfiedExtremely unsatisfied

    20. How satisfied were you with the organization of this package?
    Extremely satisfiedSatisfiedIndifferentUnsatisfiedExtremely unsatisfied

    21. How would you rate the online calls setup?

    22. How would you rate the length of our monthly sessions?
    Too longToo shortJust right

    26. Overall, how would you rate the value you received for the price you paid?
    ExcellentVery goodGoodPoorVery poor

    27. How likely are you to invest in this package again?
    Very likelyLikelyUnlikelyUndecided

    29. How can we help you moving forward?
    Continue for another yearSchedule appointments on an as need basisWork on my own and come back when I’m ready

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