NRC ThetaHealer® Community’s

Monthly Practice & Exchange Night

We are pleased to announce that we at Let’s Talk… Coaching and Energy Healing are now hosting, NCR (National Capital Region) ThetaHealers® Community’s monthly ThetaHealing® Practice & Exchange Night.

This event is open to all certified ThetaHealers® (practitioners and instructors) and will serve to provide an environment for you to exchange and practice your techniques with one another. You’ll have the opportunity to heal personal blocks, exchange tips and techniques, learn new tools and help each other in your healing practices.

This event will be hosted and supervised by Annie Gélinas-Olive Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioners and Carmen Gélinas, Master ThetaHealing® Instructor and Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing®.

Location: Let’s Talk Coaches Studios

Please reserve your seat and join the NCR ThetaHealers® Community, share your experience and help each other grow.

Cost: $20.00

Love & Light

Annie & Carmen


1st Wednesday’s of each month

from 6:30pm-8:00pm

(see schedule for our next meeting)


Contact us if you need more information:


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