Carmen Gélinas, MBA, PC, ThetaHealing®Master and Certificate of Science Instructor/Practitioner

carmenCarmen Gélinas is the other half of this dynamic and complementary mother–daughter coaching and ThetaHealing® team.

With over thirty years of working in various public service roles, Carmen understands all too well that life has many caveats, and that not all of us are fully equipped to manage them. That’s why she dedicates all her energies these days to helping others and is passionate about working with men and women of all ages who seek self-awareness, personal fulfillment, peace, and purpose in their lives.

Armed with an education in professional coaching, a Master ThetaHealing® Instructor and Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing®, as well as an MBA, Carmen launched this full-time professional practice together with Annie in 2010. Furthermore, prior to establishing this business, she counseled a multitude of individuals both in her managerial roles at work and in her private life. Her natural intuition and warm disposition is a magnet to everyone in her orbit.

Carmen understands that every life journey contains a few major crossroads, probably a couple of roadblocks, and multiple avenues to explore. When it comes to navigating all this, she is like a perfectly calibrated GPS, only exponentially better thanks to her decades of life and work experience and her compassionate human touch. This seasoned ThetaHealing® has helped countless people discover their inner compasses, and has facilitated many happy journeys toward self-discovery and life satisfaction.

“Knowledge is truth” according to Carmen, and she is excited about applying this, her professional motto, in a new and expanded way through her coaching and ThetaHealing® practice. Once her clients, internalize the knowledge about how their psyches operate and how to tap into their personal energy source, the truth about their authentic life path is bound to become crystal clear.

Remember their motto: Knowledge is Truth.

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