What People Have To Say

Bonjour Carmen, Je voulais te dire à quel point notre dernière session était exactement ce sur quoi je souhaitais travailler… Je t’avais demandé de demander au Créateur sur quoi on devait travailler. Si j’avais choisi, j’aurais demandé de travailler sur entendre mieux le Créateur. Mais finalement, c’est exactement le résultat que je ressens. J’entends mieux et je vois mieux également sa perspective. Je ressens mieux la distinction entre ce qui m’appartient et ce qui appartient aux autres. Avant c’était un peu comme de la théorie et maintenant c’est mieux incarné. Merci beaucoup – Marie-Andrée, QC, Canada

“Carmen, Thanks again for the great session today.  When I worked on myself a couple of days ago, I felt a wave of calmness but I could tell I didn’t get deep enough and the next day my face got red and irritable again.  Last night when I was on my after-dinner walk around 7pm, I was wondering if the wonderful work of your session with me began then because I was feeling another wave of calmness and relaxation on the skin of my face.  And during our session today, l felt levels of calmness for my face and as I mentioned, lots of energy at my crown and at the end I could feel lots of energy integrating into me.  I just finished going for a long walk with some jogging and ordinarily that would have activated redness, itching, stinging, heat on the skin of my face when it is in an eczema situation, but now it is still calm and about half of the redness has subsided already. Also thanks so much with your findings and energy work on the new house.” – Jill, Florida, USA

“Carmen is bright, gentle and easy going, and is a highly gifted intuitive. She has a soft, nourishing energy that immediately puts you at ease. Carmen’s readings are amazingly clear and help me see things I never noticed before but are so crucial for my self expansion and learning. She is especially good at tapping into group conscious beliefs and thought patterns that seem strange at first but resonate on a profoundly deep level. Carmen’s sessions always help put my understanding of myself in a new context. I always leave my sessions feeling affirmed, encouraged, and inspired! Thank you for all your love, healing, and support, Carmen!” – Dr. Joanna Perkins, Sensitiveselfcare.com

“I have found ThetaHealing® to be an exceptionally effective treatment for ridding oneself of mental and physical blocks and begin deep and widespread healing. I have tried many other different modalities of healing, but only ThetaHealing, in synergy with a chiropractic treatment foundation, has gone so far in so little time, and under such friendly and stressless an environment. ThetaHealing is my way home.” – Doug, Ontario, Canada

“Après 10 mois de superbe rencontres avec Annie, j’aime la nouvelle femme que je suis devenue et encore plus celle que je deviendrai. Le ThetaHealing® m’a apporté un bien être intérieur, une joie de vivre, une confiance absolue en la vie “notre Créateur “. J’ai fait tellement de belles guérisons. Annie à plein d’outils, elle est humble, confiante, elle ce souci de tous ces clients. Je la recommande a tous ceux qui vives dans l’anxiété, qui ont des peurs, manque de confiance ou simplement ceux qui veulent grandir. J’étais là! Merci Annie.” – Suzanne, Quebec, Canada

“Depuis mes séances de ThetaHealing®, je me sens plus légère et j’ai plus souvent de la joie dans mon cœur.” – Chantal, Quebec, Canada

“J’aime lire sur ce que le ciel et les astres proposent comme expérience de vie. Parlons… Coaching et guérison énergie offre une lecture, alors par l’entremise de Carmen, je m’offre cette opportunité. Je dois admettre que les choses, pour moi en tous les cas, arrivent pile sur ce que je vis au moment de la lecture. Peut-être plus qu’une autre personne suis-je alors porté à vouloir vivre les recommandations. Un gros MERCI à Carmen et longue vie à Parlons… Coaching et guérison énegétique!” – Gisèle, Quebec, Canada

“I was half way through my first year of business when I met Annie. Using the ThetaHealing® practice, she helped me clear out a few beliefs which were holding me back from becoming the confident business woman that I am now. Annie is always positive and a real pleasure to work with.” – Jessica, Ontario, Canada

“My ThetaHealing® session helped me focus and reflect on where the problem with me actually lies. I feel as though I can at least try to fix the issue now, the meeting made me see how small the problem was, and that it is manageable.” – Sue, Ontario, Canada

“Avec la vie qui nous tiraille de tous les côtés : entre le travail, la famille, les amis/es… j’ai souvent tendance à mettre de côté l’aspect spirituel ce qui, pour moi, équivaut à me recentrer. Carmen me rappelle toutefois que de m’amuser dans mon jardin est une façon. Lorsque le ThetaHealing® m’a été présenté, j’ai eu le goût d’expérimenter, de voir ce que cela pourrait m’apporter de plus dans ma vie! Ma première rencontre avec Annie a été une expérience surprenante. M’a rappelé que je suis AMOUR, et que c’est ce que je veux attirer autour de moi. Les rencontres subséquentes, Annie et Carmen nous offrent des outils pour nous aider à garder/retrouver notre authenticité. Avec leurs rassemblements mensuels, Parlons… Coaching et guérison énergétique offre l’opportunité d’échanger sur les influences des services reçus, vécus quotidiennement par les participants/es. Une belle ouverture où nous nous rappelons de vérifier si nous avons eu des résistances, que ce que l’on fait avec une expérience est question de perception, etc… Tel une participante, je demande maintenant que les expériences me viennent avec AMOUR et en DOUCEUR. Je ne fais ici qu’un survol de tous les services offerts par Parlons… Coaching Int.: leurs services sont vraiment à expérimenter. En tout et partout : un bagage inépuisable de connaissances !!! LONGUE VIE À Parlons… Coaching International.” – MJG, Quebec, Canada

“I’ve been on a spiritual path since childhood, and have been exposed to many wonderful healing modalities and approaches. When I first heard about ThetaHealing®, I was immediately intrigued and drawn to it. So I booked an appointment with Annie to try it out. And boy was I thrilled with my first experience! The process is so simple, so easy, with no effort…but I felt the energy shift during the session, I let go of things I had been struggling with for months. In a nutshell, a very soft yet powerful way to remove the blockages and finally BE Who You Really Are! “ – Marc-Elliott, Paris, France

“I have had a few sessions of ThetaHealing® with Annie. I went to her to help with anxiety and overall well being. The experience was amazing. My anxiety was decreased and when I left I had an overall feeling of lightness that continued for days. I also really enjoyed that it was a relaxed setting and that Annie explained exactly what the session would entail. I would recommend ThetaHealing® to anyone for overall well and healing. “ – Jennifer, Ontario, Canada

“When I first learned about energy healing (ThetaHealing®) from Annie, I was very interested, but unsure of what to expect. She made me feel very comfortable in our first session and her findings made perfect sense. There are some things we need to unblock if we are going to move forward in our lives, and energy healing is helping me do that. We all have so much energy, and thank you Annie, for helping me heal! I am, and will continue to be, a client! You need to book a session ASAP! “ – Brahm, Ontario, Canada

“Quelle aide précieuse apportée par Carmen. Elle trouve les bons mots pour m’encourager, m’aide à réviser ma façon de voir les choses et ma perception du négatif et du positif. Carmen est toujours en pleine forme; elle est très disponible pour m’écouter et cerner ma véritable attitude derrière mes paroles. Elle a l’intelligence de l’essentiel. Carmen m’aide dans cette période difficile que je vis. Elle a le sens pratique, m’offre des suggestions et m’aide à trouver des idées. Je suis très satisfaite des services de Carmen et je suggère aux personnes de mon entourage en difficulté à lui faire appel. Merci Carmen” – Claire, Ontario, Canada

“Coaching with Annie helped me to get clear on what I really wanted. She has helped me see more possibilities and actually commit on a much deeper level than I was able to do on my own.” – Paul, Utah, USA

“Annie helped me find my “Authentic” self by guiding me to my deeper knowing with powerful questions. In only a few minutes of coaching with her I was already stepping into the clarity and insight that I needed to proceed through a variety of challenges. As the sessions moved along, I found Annie to be a powerful piece of my life; together we create great success and growth for my future. Thank you Annie for being you and helping me be me!” – Patricia, British Columbia, Canada

“Reliable, professional and inspiring, Annie and Carmen’s work with me was of extraordinary quality. They engaged and encouraged me and that is the main reason I place them on the top of my list. They are a pleasure to work with.” – Zachary, Ontario, Canada

“Carmen, I just wanted to thank you for the thoughtful and wonderful Reading. It was very accurate and I am still waiting on other things you mentioned to happen. I am so excited for what’s in store for me; you are so generous with your time and spirit. I really recommend Carmen to others who will want an accurate reading. She is genuine and you know she is not doing this for the money but as a one of God’s Angels. Bless you. I will definitely call you in the near future.” – Friendly Soul Ontario, Canada

“Après avoir été patiente hebdomadaire en chiropractie pour plus de dix ans pour des douleurs de dos, basin, et genoux, en seulement deux ajustements corporels énergétiques avec Carmen tout mes problèmes et douleurs sont disparues. Mon corps est maintenant réaligné à la normale et je me sens bien. Je n’ai plus besoin de voir le chiropraticien et quand je ressens le besoin, je cédule un rendez-vous avec Carmen pour garder une santé et un bien être physique optimal. Merci pout tout Carmen.” – Suzanne, Québec, Canada

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