Our focus is to help with the following blockages:


We help you find the reasons you have difficulties attracting all the money you deserve and provide you with ways of releasing your money blockages.

Success (Personal & Professional)

We assist you in uncovering the challenges that keep you from attaining the success you want in your life whether on a personal or professional level.


Love is the most important and powerful thing to have in our life. With the right questioning, we help you find what is blocking you when dealing with love.


Why is it so hard to be healthy, eat right, and stay fit? Is your understanding of how to be healthy applicable to you? Get clear on how your health is created based on your needs and not those of others.


The ego is sometimes more powerful than we might think. Our practice will help you quiet your mind and allow you to understand what you really want and needs to move freely in your life.

Types of treatments we do:

  1. Body reading and healing.
  2. Changing Beliefs.
  3. Creating Sentiments.
  4. Communicate with Guardian Angels.
  5. Spirits.
  6. Remove Entities.
  7. Soul Fragments.
  8. Manifestation.
  9. 3R’s: Resentment, Rejection, Regrets.
  10. Floating Memories.
  11. Sending love to the baby in the mother’s belly.
  12. Broken Soul.
  13. Connecting with Ancestors.
  14. Talking with your Higher Self.
  15. Weight loss.