ThetaHealing® sessions

During these one hour sessions:

  1. You will establish the topic you’d like us to work on. (Click here for examples of topics)
  2. We will help you identify the blockages that are causing the challenge at hand.
  3. Through intuitive healing (ThetaHealing®) we will help clear these blockages.
  4. We may release past traumas, resistances, limited beliefs, or more depending on what is being worked on.
  5. Your body may take up to 5 weeks to absorb and implement the treatment received after it is done.

Start releasing unnecessary stresses that are no longer serving you.

(In person, Skype, telephone service)



$113.00 with Annie Gélinas-Olive

$150.00 with Carmen Gélinas

The information on this website and provided in the classes are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This information is given strictly for educational purposes. In no way should the information on this website be considered a substitute for competent medical care by your physician or other healthcare professional.