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We specialize in releasing limiting belief blockages to allow you to move freely through life with more ease.


Whether you are facing money, success, or love blockage; we coach you through ThetaHealing® practice to deconstruct these beliefs and introduce new supportive programs.


**Please note that the fees and discounts mentioned in these videos no longer apply as of January 2014. Click here for our up to date price list.**

**Veuillez noter que les prix et rabais mentionné dans ces vidéos ne sont plus applicable à partir de Janvier 2014. Cliquez ici pour nos tarifs à jour.**

What are limiting belief blockages?

Our mind, body, and soul registered an infinite amount of information since we were young and still do today. We have created positive and negative memories based on this information, which gives us our perception of the world around us. This perception is what creates our reality.


Over time, we have created beliefs that supported us and some that haven’t. These not so supportive beliefs are what creates our limitations and blockages, which prevents us from moving forward freely.


What We Do

Through conversation and ThetaHealing® practice we realign your life the way you want it to look like.


We are your allies in defining a clear vision of what you want for yourself through positive intentions and help you move forward with ease.


Whatever challenges you face; we work together to get you through it with better understanding of yourself.


You define your journey; we help you get there.


We allow you to connect with what is really important to you.


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