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Whole Earth Expo May 11-12, 2013

Weekend Access-Pass Winner!

We would like to congratulate Sylvia Parker our Winner for the “Weekend Access-Pass for You and a Friend to the Whole Earth Expo.” We had a chance to discuss with Sylvia and wanted to know a bit more about who she was and what she did. Please find bellow our little interview with her. She has a passion for empowering people and we are strong believers in what she does.


Thank you Sylvia for participating and for all of you out there, enjoy!



Congratulation again! Don’t forget to visit us at booth 63 – Let’s Talk… International Coaching.


Getting to know Sylvia a little better.


1. How did you hear about our draw?

For some reason I don’t believe the draw came in at the same time as the Whole Earth Expo details came in, but it was a lovely lady named France Portelance – she herself empowers women at all stages or their life. She invited me to consider having a booth during this very special weekend.  She felt that I was in alignment with the vision of creating Abundance for All.  So I shared it with my friend Chipo Shambare since we have been working together to grow something larger for her non-profit for African Women.


2. What interests you the most about the Whole Earth Expo?

What interests me the most is hanging out with like minds, building relationships, collaborating and having the feeling of joy knowing that this event will continue having a ripple affect on our families, society and ultimately the world.  I was one of the members that hosted the Birth2012 (Linking Hearts and Minds Together as ONE) event in the GRAND HALL at the Museum of Civilization on Dec 22/12, I recognize many of the exhibitors that will be there this weekend, it will be awesome to reconnect.


3. What is the name of your business?

For over 10 years now, the name of our business is TEAM Global Wellness.  Both my husband Cliff and I have given our own life experiences reaching further each day to building a Team around the Globe.  Empowering people to recognize how just a little shift in perception can impact their own wellbeing.  There are various ways to encourage those that are ready that they too can Be, Do and Have all that they desire of course as long as it’s for the highest good of all concerned.  I love sharing the benefits of Living and Loving Life, embracing both the shadow and the light of living life daily.


4. In a few lines, please give a brief description of what you do?

Well PASSION / COLLABORTION / FUN came to me instantly, when asked the question what is it I do?

I empower people to Be / Do and Have more in their Lives, To believe and love themselves. To know that we are all attracting into our lives, people, places, things and events that are allowing us to achieve our highest good!  Our spirit (God self) draws us to know what’s next?  Ultimately my passion is about creating a life that we have a HEALTHY BODY, MIND, FAMILY, and FINANCES with a great contribution to SOCIETY.


Right now this weekend we are focused on attracting those that resonate to the Alkaline Movement, supporting Chipo’s Charity, other non-profits, as well as for people that feel it can benefit themselves, those they care about or as an extra source of revenue for a health professional to utilize as an extra tool in their toolbox.  We all deserve to LIVE a balanced lifestyle.


5. What is the best way for our community to get in touch with you?

The best way to reach me is by phone 613-721-0039 or via emailsylvia@globalwellness.ca


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