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Decision Making: Why So Difficult?


Why is it so difficult to make a decision?


Straight answer is because we never learned to make decisions for ourselves in a safe way. We’ve been educated through fear. We learned that whatever we choose to do there will be consequences to our choices. So 90% of our decision making is based on fear.

We’re afraid of getting hurt.

We’re afraid to make mistakes

We’re afraid of hurting someone.

We feel guilty because we chose for ourselves, that’s being selfish.


We’ve never been taught to think differently. Parents out of protection said: “Don’t do this, you’ll get hurt!” “Don’t do that, something bad is going to happen!” We just assumed they knew what was right for us so we did what they told us.


The problem with this, as great as it was for them to do that, is we never learned all this for ourselves. We’ve never learned to take risks. We never learned to get out of our comfort zone. We never learned to make mistakes. We’ve been taught to be careful of everything and so we are “careful”. We are now afraid of everything.


We have to understand that it’s not just a decision we’re making it’s a conscious choice.


Why not instead of “Be careful”, as our teacher Josée Bonhomme perfectly says: “Be conscious.” Why not make that conscious choice? Why not make those mistakes? Why not understand what we need as human beings?


If you choose to not eat well for a full week, be conscious that your body might not approve of it. But how will you know if you don’t try it. If you choose to cycle fast down a hill, be conscious that something might happen whether good or good. (This wasn’t a mistake, it can happen that the outcome is positive.) If you enter a situation that’s unknown to you, be conscious of your surrounding and take yourself out if you feel you need too.


Don’t let fear run you; let your consciousness guide you instead. Make a decision from the place of self-awareness. If you know what’s right for you, great! The decisions will be easier to make. If you don’t know, take a conscious chance and learn the lesson you’re supposed to learn.


Vulnerability is a good thing, it’s a place where you are aware and where you choose to take the leap knowing that you are ok no matter what.


How self-aware or conscious are you? What place are your decisions and choices made from?


If you notice resistances or fears holding you back in making choices, we can help you release those through ThetaHealing®. Give us a call at 613-746-9113 for a free consultation on how ThetaHealing® can help you.


Until next time!


Your coaches,


Annie and Carmen

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