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What’s Holding You Back?

There are so many things in our lives that we want to do but always find reasons not to. Why? Well, a lot of it is based on fears; fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of judgment and so much more.


I took quite a leap when starting my own business and being fully self-reliant. I was not following social norms by getting a full time job working for someone else and taking on a venture for myself. As exciting as it is to do so, it also comes with resistance at times. I am not going to lie, I do have random moments of resistance and fear. It is part of the game, part of being human.


If no one had fears everything we would do, would be so easy wouldn’t you think? At what reward? Where would the thrill or even the pride be?


This is where fear can be used to our advantage, as our motivator.  Knowing that we are capable of surpassing our fears allows us to test our boundaries. It allows us to build our own confidence, personal strength, and best of all, get to know who we truly are.


I get scared at times but I use that fear to help me be the risk taker that I am. I try and use a few techniques when I do notice that fear coming up. It allows me to continue moving forward, as we all want.


Step 1: Visualize the goal without any barriers.


I start by asking myself: “What would my life be like if I was to do what I wanted without any fears?” Just by eliminating fear blockage from that vision of success, we take the first big step in allowing ourselves to move forward. If I didn’t have any limitations what would I be able to accomplish? Visualizing that image at its full potential allows us to see what we are capable of achieving.


Step 2: Figure out what the gremlins are.


Now that we’ve created a barrier free vision, and we’ve eliminated all fears from your mind, it’s time to bring them all back and face them all one by one.


What am I afraid of? Or, what are my gremlins? Is it the fear of the unknown, the fear of success, the fear of failure?


It is time to be honest with ourselves and start understanding what is going on in that head of ours. Writing down everything that is going on and what is creating that resistance is the next step. Become aware of what you are telling yourself. This will allow you to take the actions you need to surpass them.


Step 3: Face all the gremlins.


Now that we understood what our gremlins were, it’s time to face them and find a way to conquer them. What strategies will we use when facing them in a moment of weakness to allow us to continue moving forward? Is there something we can do about it?


Let’s figure out a plan as to how to use those fears to our advantage. i.e. “I’m going to use that fear as a motivator to help me be even more successful at getting what I want.” By doing so, you are creating a plan to allow you to continue taking the steps necessary to get closer to your goal. You might not be moving as fast as you normally would but at least you will still be moving forward.


Step 4: Take the leap.


Like I was told many times before; “Stop testing the water and just jump in!” You can assess fears as often as you want, but until you actually jump in, you will never be able to learn from your mistakes and really deal with situations as they come.


Realize that you do have fears and realize your potential. If you had zero barriers, what would be your next strategic move and finally just jump in! That is the only way you’ll truly be able to move forward.


Become comfortable with your fears and resistance, it will allow you to achieve anything without boundaries, just allies.


If you notice your own gremlins and are looking for someone to help you clarify your next strategic move, get the help of someone you trust, family, friend, or even a coach.


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Until next time,

Annie Gélinas-Olive

Life and Career Goal Setting Specialist

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