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Making Decisions Based on What?

Hello again! Happy new year to everyone and welcome to 2012. This is our year to create the shift we want for ourselves.


I have a question we need to ask ourselves to start 2012 in a strong way. Which part of our bodies do we use when making decisions in our lives? Is it:


  1. Our head, aka Ego;
  2. Our gut, aka Intuition;


How do we know which one we are using? Well… Is our decision based on fear or greed? Or is it based on just plain feeling right?


It’s strange; I do notice the difference for myself. When I make a decision from my head, it seems to be a great choice for my wallet and my ego boost, but not so much for my health. If I use my head, I tend to choose things that aren’t always the best in the long run when I look at the bigger picture of my life.


When I make a decision from my gut, I seem to be more inspired and motivated. Things just seem to fall into place and feel good. They’re not always the easiest decisions to make but for some reason they always feel right.


Being conscious of the two is a challenge but slowing down and becoming aware of them is the first step in making the best decision possible for ourselves.


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Until next time,

Annie Gélinas-Olive, PC

Life and Career Goal Setting Specialist


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