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Adapting To Change

Hello everyone and happy Summer! We are having beautiful weather which is spoiling us so far, so let’s enjoy it as long as we can!

This is actually a great start to this month’s topic: Adapting to change. With every new season comes some kind of change whether it is change of temperature, colour, or even a new activity in our own lives. We are constantly faced with changes and ways to adapt as best as we can to them, so why not make the best of it?

Change is a natural part of growth but the way to deal with it varies for everyone. There are 4 motivation traits(1) that people use to handle changes in their life; which traits would you think you are using to handle your changes?


  1. Sameness: These people want their world to stay the same. They may accept change every 10 years and will instigate change only every 15 to 25 years. (1) If this is you, focus on what will be the same if a situation changes, look for similarities and it will allow you to better adapt. (1)
  2. Sameness with Exception: These people like to see change happen slowly over time. They look for significant change every five to seven years. Words that motivate these people are: improved, better, more/less, same except, budding, developing, gradual improvement, advanced. (1) Can you relate? 
  3. Difference: Change is a way of life for this group — habitual and far-reaching. They expect or will orchestrate major change every one to two years. (1) If you are constantly looking for radical change in your life, then this is you! 
  4. Sameness with Exception and Difference: This group expects major change every three to four years. They like a balance between progress and major upheaval. (1)

By understanding these categories, it will give you a better understanding of who you are and hopefully help you find better solutions in how to deal with a situation in the future. Remember to use these tools to ease into any new chapter in your life.


If you need help dealing with changes contact us today at info@letstalkcoach.com to start a discussion.

Until next time!
Annie Gélinas-Olive

Life and Career Goal Setting Specialist

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