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Be Inspired!

It’s funny, I’m sitting here, relaxing on this summer evening and the words that come to me are “Be Inspired”. As I’m thinking of those words and all that they mean. I see being inspired as: being creative, having an idea, building a vision. They are only two words but they are pretty powerful together wouldn’t you think? “Be Inspired…”


Think of the shift it can create in someone’s life… Has it happened to you? Have you ever been inspired?


Where does inspiration come from? Well that’s the great thing about inspiration. It comes from anything. It comes from you or someone else. It comes from life or an idea. Its source is limitless.


That was my story! I was having dinner one night and talking with my business partner and an idea came up. Coaching! One word… We instantly got inspired. It created a huge shift. And today, we have our own coaching business; I’m studying the profession, living it, and loving it! Couldn’t have asked for better!


It’s amazing how one inspiring thought can really make you move! What is that something that makes you move?


Be inspired! Keep moving forward!


Until next time!

Annie Gélinas-Olive

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