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21 Day Money Breakthrough Challenge – Part 2



As you know, last week we started sharing with you the 21 Day Money Breakthrough Challenge that Carmen and I are following. Here are this week’s 2 tips to elevate our businesses and our lives. Enjoy!


Day 3 – Today, I value my time & energy above all else.

It’s funny how we all have 24 hours in a day and for some reason we all seem to say we never have enough time to do this, that, and the other. Well how much time are we actually spending on something important that we really want to do? I’ll be honest myself; there are so many things that stimulate even me at times, that I can get lost in all of it. How much of what we do actually allows us to move our lives, income, or impact forward in big ways?



Let’s implement this exercise today by committing to spending our time and energy on something that keeps moving us forward. How will your day unfold as you value your time and energy above all else?


Day 4 – Today, I am here to serve you.


To be able to have a high wealth frequency, we must be able to put it out first. Everyone’s heard of the law of attraction. The more you put out, the more you’ll receive; correct? So why not start being of service in whatever way will make us happy and that is feasible to us? Let’s be of service to someone or something and create a frequency that can only create a return even if it’s just the feeling of contributing. People will want to help you when in need also.



Want to implement this in your day? What are some ways that we can help others today? Do it from a place of love and appreciation and it will resonate far! What to ask: “I can help others by/to…” Fill in the blank.


For more information on the 21 Day Money Breakthrough Challenge, please visit http://moneybreakthroughchallenge.com/21day/ by Max Simon from Big Vision Business.


Have a great couple of weeks!


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