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The Secret to Finding Balance

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Have you ever noticed that women seem to be more in search of balance than men? Why is that?

The other day, I had a very interesting conversation with female colleagues on this topic, and while listening to them a very strong-guided message came to me, “Women search for balance in their lives because they over charge themselves.”

Why do women over charge themselves?

A lot of women, including myself, take on too much. It’s engrained in our DNA and we feel guilty if we don’t. We feel a need to take care of everything and everyone; we raise our kids, run the house, run errands, work, are the chauffeur, and we support everyone emotionally – you name it, we do it!

Because we give everything we have to others, we leave little to no time and space for ourselves. And so what do you we do? We crave balance.

What’s the secret to finding balance?

Finding balance is very simple: start saying NO. That’s it. It’s not rocket science. It’s direct and to the point.

We need to learn to say no without guilt. Once you master this, you will be well on your way to getting the balance you’re looking for.

The benefits of saying no

– You won’t over load your schedule
– You will learn to ask for help
– You will come to respect your boundaries.

Be OK with saying no. Feel good with saying no, empower yourself by saying no, set your boundaries and stick to them. You will soon discover how good it feels and you will notice that you balance will naturally come back.

Until next time!

Annie & Carmen, Belief System Coach & ThetaHealing® Practitionner & Instructor

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