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21 Day Money Breakthrough Challenge – Part 3

Hello again!


It’s been a few weeks since our last post. We are ready to continue where we left off last. As you know, we’ve been sharing with you the 21 Day Money Breakthrough Challenge that Carmen and I are following from Big Vision Business. Here are this week’s 2 tips to elevate our businesses and our lives. Enjoy!


Day 5 – Today, I carry myself with Power and Presence.

If I was to ask you how you presented yourself to others, what would be your response? Am I someone that presents myself as shy and insecure or do I stand tall, confident and proud? The way we feel about ourselves emanates through us.


Through science we understand that as humans we are pure energy and knowing that, it’s evident that we naturally have a frequency. This frequency has to be taken into consideration when interacting with our surroundings. What we feel is what we present.


When we think of wealth frequency, how do we really want to present ourselves? What is my wealth frequency? What does it look like and what can I do to start emanating it out more?



Let’s implement this exercise today by finding ways to elevate our wealth frequency. Is there a piece of clothing that makes me feel like a million bucks? Does the way I walk and present myself to others speak power and confidence? If not how can I change that? Think of something that helps you feel good and add it or remove it as need be. How can I stand in my power and presence today?


Day 6 – Today, I create an environment that feels Abundant.


Since we’re talking about frequency of presence, we have to look at how our environment is helping us create this frequency as well. Are we living or working in an environment that allows us to thrive and succeed? Energy and frequency is in all things, not just humans so we have to take that into consideration too. Is my home helping me achieve what I want?

Speaking for myself, when my work space or home is, what I would consider a mess, but really is just files sitting on my desk, or laundry not put away; I start noticing that I don’t focus on being productive, I think about what needs to get done. My environment isn’t supporting me to be productive, which doesn’t help me be successful or create that wealth frequency I’m trying to achieve.


On the other hand, if my home and work space is clean and tidy, all my focus goes into what matters. Whether it be working on my projects or spending quality time with family and friends. How is your environment supporting your abundance?



How can we implement this practice today? Is there a place where we can start creating some harmony and abundance in our environment (home, work, or backyard)? What does your ideal abundant space look like? Let’s start creating it today! A great start would be something as simple as adding a picture that inspires you to create more wealth and keeps you motivated.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s tips, for more information on the 21 Day Money Breakthrough Challenge, please visit http://moneybreakthroughchallenge.com/21day/ by Max Simon from Big Vision Business.


Until next time!


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