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The Truth About Life Balance

Like a lot of people out there, we are regularly in search of life balance too. Here’s what we found out about this concept.

What is balance?

Very simply put, what is always true about balance is that it’s a law of the Universe. There is balance through laws that dictate how our universe functions. Isaac Newton explains it well: “To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.”

That is balance.

For all feminine energies there are masculine energies, the balance of Yin and Yang. Our universe creates balance to show us contrast. This allows us to choose what it is we want in our lives.

How do I attain balance? 

What I’ve come to discover recently, through conversation and universal guidance is that there isn’t an exact formula to attain this balance we seek.

What I mean by this is that balance exists but it changes constantly and varies for everyone. My balance isn’t yours.

Have we lost our way trying to achieve it when the goal of balance is to help us define what we like or dislike? Are we using it correctly?

Balance allows us to determine how much or how little of something we want. This, however, fluctuates constantly. Everyone’s balance changes every day based on our moods, the weather, circumstances, etc.

Each day is different. Some days I’m in a good space; some days I’m not. Sometimes I feel high energy, sometimes I don’t. And with each fluctuation, my balance changes with it. We can’t predict the exact formula because every day has different factors that impact it.

How do I maintain a work/life balance?

Constantly searching for perfect balance can lead to stress, anxiety, exhaustion and possible burnout.

So don’t plan for it. Instead, be present and flow with it. Your body, mind and spirit will guide you. Trust that when things are out of balance, you’ll feel when it’s time for you to get back on track.

How do I know if I need balance in my life?

The quickest way to find out if balance is needed in your life is if you feel the urge to be either in motion or at rest. If you feel today that you’re good to go, then go, this is the balance telling you to be in motion. If, however, you feel low in energy then that is the scale tipping to a more relaxed day, which is what you need right now. Do what needs to be done, allow for the breathing room; it will all even itself out in the end.

Tap into the balance that feels right for you and allow yourself to change as you need. You have that right. Your balance will fit your life style not your neighbors’ and that will be perfect for you!

Tell us:

• What does your balance look like?
• Where can you create balance in your life?
• How will balance impact you and your loved ones?
• What’s your next step in creating it?

Allow it, honor it, create it and enjoy it because you deserve it!

Contact us if you need help creating your balanced life today.

Love and light,
Annie & Carmen, Belief System Coach & ThetaHealing® Practitionner & Instructor

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