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Returning To Your Roots – Part 2

I wanted to continue this month’s topic with a bit more on my understanding of what ‘Returning To My Roots’ meant. There are so many significance to this statement and I wanted to expand a bit more on it.

In December’s blog, when sharing my story of going back home, my understanding of this concept was that it’s not just the big events that create the most impact; it can often be the small ones as well. Some of my small events comprised of spending quiet time in nature, people I grew up with, schools I went to. They created my roots and, carved my personality, and gave me the wonderful life that I have now.

While exploring the concept further, I ask myself the following question: “What does it really mean ‘Returning to my roots’?” This made me think:  “Aren’t we all here to create our own life, desires, happiness, and destiny with the experiences we’re having every day? If so then yes, the definition of returning to my roots can mean my past.”

But it can also mean, returning to my source (aka my soul or heart) and I’ve concluded that I’ve never left them. I just lost sight of them; there is no place to return to but inside myself.

I realize that I do this by, living from my heart and believing that what I do is best for me. When I make a choice from the heart, I always reap the rewards by staying authentic to who I really am.

I choose the path I want to go on, no matter what that is. It’s always my decision to put my heart toward that direction. I am the Creator of my life and I forgot it; I have the choice of who I want to become. By this, my roots expand as I grow and provide me with the foundation to help guide me when at a crossroad. It helps me create my best life.

That to me is another definition of ‘Returning to my roots’; creating my life from my past experiences but also looking inwards for guidance towards my future, which we tend to forget sometimes.

With Love and Gratitude,

Carmen Gélinas

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