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Discernment of Fear


FearThe Discernment of Fear

Recently, Annie was asked to give a talk about fear, but before she presented she wanted to fully understand the concept of fear. So, she meditated on it and here’s what Universal Consciousness had to say about fear and how to discern it:

What is the truth about fear?

Fear’s original purpose was as a guidance system to keep us alert and aware of our surroundings. It allowed us to prepare ourselves accordingly for what was to come.

How does society currently use fear?

Our societies brought the concept of fear to the extreme through our misperceptions. We over imagine things and think we’re in danger of harm or death, when it’s most often not the case. Our brain still believes we’re primates trying to survive the wild (fight or flight instinct). We get lost in the idea of danger and get paralyzed by it.

What is the real purpose of fear?

Fear is designed to force us to be present, alert and focused when dealing with a situation. It reminds us to be conscious.

What are the reasons for fear?

There are numerous reasons for fear, including:

Fear due to past events – this fear is from trauma of something that happened and our mind maybe reliving it. We like to avoid these fears and can become paralysed by this avoidance.

Fear due to future events – this fear is created by the idea that something negative might or could happen, we try and prevent it from happening. It makes us take all factors into consideration, possibly by being over cautious or over prepared (analysis paralysis).

Fears due to the unknown – this fear derives from lack of knowledge or education, a void of experience. We become paralysed by feeling unprepared or a blank.

How is fear expressed emotionally?

Terror (trauma) – Something did happen.

Anxious, nervous, eager – What’s coming, something out of your control that we want to prevent.

Afraid – due to the unknown of what might happen, not knowing what to do.

What can I do when confronted by fear?

  • Become conscious of the feeling and situation.
  • Ask yourself, “What’s really going on and what can I do about it?”
  • Fix it and/or let it go.


Universal Consciousness created fear for humans as an alert signal; as an emotional guidance system.

Fear is there to tell us:

  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Be alert
  • Remember to stay present
  • Remember to stay safe (basic instinct of fight or flight)
  • Remember to prepare yourself accordingly so there is no surprise
  • Remember to make more conscious decisions before acting
  • Be clear on doing what is for your highest and best

Remember fear’s purpose. When feeling fear, it’s your sign to become present and alert.

If fear is paralysing you, we can help. Allow us to help you set yourself free from all those blocks.

Annie & Carmen



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