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Ways To Let Go During Our Holidays


Hello again,

As you may be aware by now, all our themes focus on different kinds of transitions. This summer was all about getting out of work mode and entering relaxation mode.


As I’m trying to promote this for others, I also decided to follow my own advice and take a nice holiday at the cottage with a friend a few weeks ago. This is an annual trip my we take, away from our families and friends to just recharge and just think of ourselves.


Every year we agree to make no plans for 1 week and just be. Well we make one plan, to have at least one adventure a day, whether it’d be going to the beach, to the village, to have ice cream or go for a hike but nothing that requires too much effort.

I love the concept of just doing what we feel like with no obligations. I wish I could do that in my everyday life, but that’s not how you get things done especially when you run your own business so I find ways to implement it where I can.


This year was my first to go for a full week and also my first while being fully active in my business and I must say the first couple of days were more difficult to get out of the work mindset than usual. As the week went by I did manage to relax and forget everything that would normally preoccupy my mind but there were a few things I did to allow me to relax faster.

Here is what I ended up doing:


  1. I try and stay connected with all of you on a daily basis by sending valuable transition tips on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Letstalkcoaches for those who are interested in reading our posts). To allow me to stay in touch even while I was away, I pre-schedule my posts at the beginning of the week and then forgot about it. You know the saying: “Set It and Forget It!” That is exactly what I did.
  2. I turned off my cell phone. With this smart phone technology it is amazing how much we can do instantly. While this is a great innovation, it can be detrimental if we don’t learn to shut it off and disconnect. We are so connected that sometime a little peace of mind can happen just by shutting off those distractions.
  3. Lastly, we took all the clocks off the walls and made sure to lose complete track of time. I find that a lot in life is calculated by the minute and having a schedule can be stressful at time. So we decided to eliminate that and just listened to our bodies. We were mindful of what we needed when we needed and guess what, we survived! We ate late, slept in, rested and were still able accomplished everything we wanted every day.

I hope you were able to rest this summer at least for a little bit. If you haven’t yet, make sure you do. Do you have other ways to let go and relax when on holidays? Share your ideas in our comments below. We would love to read them and maybe apply them on our next vacation.

And remember, if you or someone you know is experiencing challenges while dealing with life or work changes right now;  know that we are here to help. Give us a call and we’d love to help you get through it with more ease.
Until next time,
Annie Gélinas-Olive

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