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21 Day Money Breakthrough Challenge – Part 4


Hello again!


It’s been a few weeks since our last post. We are ready to continue where we left off last. As you know, we’ve been sharing with you the 21 Day Money Breakthrough Challenge that Carmen and I are following from Big Vision Business. Here are this week’s 2 tips to elevate our businesses and our lives. Enjoy!


Day 7 – Today, I ask for the business.

In the past we talked about asking for what you want, now we’ll go a little further with that by really focusing on asking for the business. Before, we asked when we needed help, but our wealth will not increase if we don’t have the business.


When doing business with new people, we sometimes don’t ask if they want our service because we’re afraid of possibly being rejected. Another way to look at it is: “What if the client is a yes client?” Not everyone will need our businesses; but a few will so we have to remember those few.


Max Simon shared 2 different types of business marketing we tend to do when getting new clients.

1. The insinuation type marketing

2. The direct type marketing.


Insinuation marketing focuses on talking about our product or service; how good we are; how clients shouldn’t live without it but we never officially ask the client for the business. We “insinuate” that our sales pitch will be good enough to sell itself.  Direct marketing focuses on selling our product or service though the same sales pitch but also making sure that we ask the client for their business before we end the conversation. Which marketer are you?



Let’s implement this exercise today by setting clear intentions. What is the ideal number of clients I want this week? Where will I find them? In the end, don’t worry about to many or not enough clients, just start with 1. Get comfortable with this one client and grow from there.  And what better way to get clients then to be direct. So be sure to ask: “Are you interested in working with me today?” How will you ask for the business?



Day 8 – Today, I eat high frequency foods.


I’ve always been very aware of food ever since I can remember. I was constantly reminded to eat right and stay healthy. Of course it made sense to eat high frequency foods to keep my body healthy but I must say it goes a lot further than that.


I’ll share with you my latest story about my relationship with high frequency foods. The weekend of our expo, I received a treatment from one of the healers at the show. She asked me what I wanted checked and I told her that I had been trying to lose weight and was having difficulties doing so for quite some time. I wanted to know the cause and what I could do to change it. After the treatment, she indicated that I was highly sensitive to gluten and dairy and she said the day I’d cut down on those foods I would melt (aka lose weight really fast). So that night, I took on the challenge.


I started to eliminate all gluten from my diet and guess what, she was right, I melted. I lost 10lbs within 1 week, my digestive problems had stopped, and my energy levels sky rocketed. What would have normally been a hard exhausting day was now an easy energetic one. I would wake up before my alarm clock, I would still be full of energy past 11:00pm, and my mind was so much clearer because I wasn’t stocking up on the “Glue”-ten. All I was doing was eating more colours, less bread or replacing it with substitutions that are actually just as good.


This is my understanding, high frequency foods allow our body to not spend all of its energy in processing the food, allowing that energy to be used in more productive ways like thinking, creating, or growing our wealth. So when you hear about eating healthy, think of it as just allowing your body to put your energy to good use in creating more success in your life.



How can we implement this practice today? We can do something as simple as substituting the gluten with gluten free ingredients; I didn’t remove anything from my diet I just chose something different to replace what I was already eating. Another option would be to create more colourful meals. When you think of high frequency foods, think of colourful foods such as fruits and vegetables. Add more colour to your dish and see how much energy is not taken away by all the processing your body has to do. For those who do not need to go gluten free, just introduce more fruits and vegetables in your meals.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s tips, for more information on the 21 Day Money Breakthrough Challenge, please visit http://moneybreakthroughchallenge.com/21day/ by Max Simon from Big Vision Business.


Until next time!


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