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Are Old Habits Really There For Good?


Have you ever noticed the challenges we face when trying to removing old habits? How it seems we’ve mastered it the first couple of days but tend to return to old habits just as fast?


Can we really get rid of our old habits? The answer is yes! Once we understand how old habits work, it can be even easier to change them. Let me share with you the “3 secrets” I discovered which helped me remove my old habits and allowed me to create long lasting changes.


First, we have to understand where habits come from. Here is my interpretation: Habits are created from what we perceive to be our truth. We’ve created these to help us function better and to simplify our lives.


As humans, we tend to take the path of least resistance and automate our daily task, this allows us to focus on more important things. Those automation are habits we’ve formed.


As we grow, our perception of the world changes and some habits may no longer serve us. This is where we start changing them but change doesn’t happen over night. Our brain must retrain itself to think differently.


Here are the rules to the game:


You MUST have a plan and you MUST be specific. Here’s an example: For a lot of us (and yes I will add myself in this group) being healthy is always top on the list. I’m going to remove my old unhealthy habit and I will replace it with good healthy habits. That’s a good start, but what does that even mean? What exactly are we trying to do here?


1.       Be clear of what old habit you are trying to remove.

  • What does it look like?
  • Why is it unsupportive?
  • How does it show itself in my daily actions?


2.       Focus on what new habit you are replacing it with.

  • What exactly does this new habit entail?
  • How will it support me?
  • What does it look like?
  • How will I apply it in my daily life?

Be specific!


3.       Now that you are clear on your plan, it’s time to make the change!

  • Fill that habit bank with what is needed.


  • Remove the old habit

i.e.: I will stop not exercising, sitting on the couch all the time and watch tv all day, be physically stiff and in pain.


  • Replace it with the new

i.e.: I will replace it with doing something fun 2 days per week, such as 30 minute of walking/biking, 30 minutes of weight training, and 10 minutes of stretching on Tuesday and Saturday at 5pm to increase my energy and flexibility level.


Be as clear and precise as possible, you are creating that supportive replacement. Make it count so that it lasts!


If you are facing difficulties when taking action in your changes, we can lend a helping hand. Call us at 613-746-9113 for a free consult and your first session at 50% off regular price.


Until next time!


Annie Gélinas-Olive, ECPC, ThetaHealing® Practitioner
Belief Systems Coach & Energy Healer, Cofounder
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