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Transform your beliefs; Transform your life with ThetaHealing®

We are creatures of habit, intrinsically guided, empowered, and sometimes, inhibited by our thought patterns and beliefs. For most of us, our beliefs are rooted in our childhood and have come to define who we are and what we desire to accomplish. However, as strong paradigms that keep us anchored to the past, these beliefs can also hold us back by creating uneasiness about our external world and kindling worries that affect both our spiritual and physical well being. In these modern times of rapid and disruptive societal changes, clinging to our obsolete beliefs can render us feelings of helplessness, anxiety and stress, especially in response to traumatic events. In some strange sense, however, these often debilitative beliefs appear to be serving us, acting as a security blanket that protects us from change. But, why?

Change is not easy, but sometimes, it’s necessary. Too often in life we restrict ourselves, leading us to become imbalanced or ill-positioned to adapt to the most fruitful path. Without change, it can be difficult, and sometimes near impossible, to manifest opportunities as life unfold around us. Personal beliefs, even those closest to our core, can often be the cause of this, but thankfully, these can be positively transformed, and quicker than you might think.

Your journey through life has a purpose; there is a reason that you are here. The inner voice that’s connected to your higher self knows this to be true, whether or not your ego or the collective consciousness of society allows it to shine through. Do you ever wonder how or why our thoughts seem to coincide with events? That’s our intuition guiding us along the proper path. We know when things are right, and we know when things are off balance; our gut will always send a signal, but it’s up to us whether or not we listen.

In ThetaHealing®, practitioners work with clients to uncover their true beliefs. Through methodical digging, and in examining the roots of our core beliefs, we can discover our higher purpose. As individuals, we are then able to let go of the beliefs that no longer serve us and replace them with a refreshed outlook; a foresight that helps us manifest our truest selves and motivates us to achieve personal goals. By utilizing energy techniques and incorporating the best practices from other energy healing and spiritual modalities, ThetaHealing® provides intuitive and overarching insights to the planes of our existence and our realities within this framework. It also offers helpful approaches that are specific to life situations, such as relationships, financial or personal abundance, weight gain and more.

Please visit our event page and join us in an introductory session where you can witness the power of transforming your beliefs firsthand or take advantage of our discount core package if you want to learn ThetaHealing® for yourself or helping others. We are uniquely qualified in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec to offer the full suite of ThetaHealing® practitioner seminars in both English and French, from “Basic and Advanced DNA,” through “Intuitive Anatomy,” “Digging Deeper,” “Planes of Existence,” “DNA3” and more.

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