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We want to share the Money Breakthrough Challenge with you!

Hi everyone,


Carmen and I have been following a 21 Day Money Breakthrough Challenge and we feel it will benefit everyone to bring our businesses and lives to the next level so we decided to share it with you. Enjoy!


Here are this week’s 2 tips to elevate our businesses and our lives.


Day 1 – Today, I trust myself.

When building our business we face a lot of our own fears and insecurities; it’s part of the growing process. By trusting our decisions and intuition, we will allow ourselves to continue to take action and stay in motion even through the challenges. Let’s keep moving forward, build our confidence to be able to achieve bigger and better things!



If you are interested in implement this challenge in your day; a little exercise we can do is to do one little thing we have procrastinated doing for our business due to barriers we’ve put up for ourselves, trust in your capabilities/skills/knowledge to know you will do it successfully. Trust the process!



Day 2 – Today, I will ask for what I want.


When you want something, do you normally ask for it or wait for someone to offer it to you? I was brought up to always ask for what I wanted because you’d never know if you’d get lucky. This also applies to your business don’t be afraid to ask for the business; you have everything to gain! The worst they can say is no and it’s not like you had anything to begin with, so you have nothing to lose.



Want to implement this in your day? Find something you would like to ask someone and ask it! Keep an open mind and you might be surprised what you receive! When asking for business be direct: “Would you be interested to start working together today?” If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it, it might give you that extra hand you needed to elevate your business, your career, and even better your life!


If you want to know more about this 21 Day Money Breakthrough Challenge you can visit http://moneybreakthroughchallenge.com/21day/ by Max Simon from Big Vision Business.


See you in a couple of weeks!


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