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What is your perfect body image?

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Last night I was working with one of my clients as she was struggling about the shape of her body because she found it to thin.

Ironically, I have been fighting about the shape of my body most of my life because I found it too big.

Why are we always looking for this perfect body?

What is exactly the perfect body?

As many of you know, I am a spiritual teacher and energy healer, so during the session I connected to the Creator and asked what was the bottom belief that we needed to work on.

He gave me: ‘I am not allowed to have a perfect body’.

So after doing some digging and asking the Creator what this belief was all about, the answer I received is that we all have the perfect body, it is the human creation that makes us think that it is not.

As we are all sparks of God, it means we are all perfect the way we are, but we forget about that.

We need to look inside our heart because this is where perfection is.

The pure love from our Creator that we all are.

Creator added that once we acknowledge and really appreciate our body the way it is and that we let go of wanting something different it is at this point that we will become at peace with it.

If the Creator decides that it needs to be different, he will give us all what we need to make it different and follow our divine plan to have it so.

I can honestly attest to this because last Fall I decided to stop fighting with my body weight and start appreciating it the way it was.

And then all of a sudden, I received a message and all the motivation and everything I needed from the Creator to release extra weight. 

So far I have lost 65 pounds.

The Creator made us perfect, we just forgot to look inside and see what it is.

First, start by accepting, see yourself as the Creator sees you and let go of the outside world’s imaginary image of the perfect body.

Secondly, if a weight change is in your highest and best, the Creator will let you know and provide the inspiration and everything you need to help you with your weight thereafter.

You are a spark of God and you are perfect the way you are.

With Love and Light from Creator!


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