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There Is Gold In Silence

frame with title There is Gold in silence

Last week I was talking with one of my clients and I received the wonderful message that ‘There is gold in silence’.

We had been talking about the fact that when she recently went to her boyfriend’s family, there was a point where she felt uncomfortable because they were not talking to her or in her mind, even acknowledging her.

She took it personally, thinking she was not appreciated or accepted by them.  However, it may not have been the case at all.

During our session, that is when I received the message of ‘There is gold in silence’.  In my receiving this message, the Creator showed me that when you are in silence there are often more messages that we can pick up because we are so connected to the energy and the emotion of the people around us.

It is through emotions and feelings that we receive the real information of what is going on with other people because it is sent by the Creator, so we need to acknowledge that this information is the purest truth and not just perception.

In my client’s case, her tapping into the energy received from the Creator would be a better way of understanding the real intention of the family around her.

So next time you are in a position where no one is talking to you, concentrate on the energy and emotion you are receiving.

Feel the feeling of those around you and understand the real message the Creator is sending you about them.

You will then be able to see and appreciate the beauty of the situation you are in.

See everyone through the energy and love of the Creator and not with your head.

Look in your heart and …

Don’t forget there is gold in silence.

With love and light from the Creator


Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer

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