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Épisode 04 – Session de ThetaHealing® avec Carmen qui libère son besoin de valorisation en travaillant avec l’énergie

Carmen’s ThetaHealing® Session with Annie on releasing her need for validation and recognition when working with energy.  Cette épisode est en français. Cette semaine découvrez comment Carmen libère son besoin d’être valorisé et la recherche de la reconnaissance des autres en travaillant avec l’énergie. Si le ThetaHealing® vous intéresse, prenez rendez-vous pour une session d’information GRATUITE en cliquant ici …

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Mastering Our Work

About a week ago, I went to the Art Gallery to enjoy the beautiful works of the painter Alex Colville. Mid way through the exhibition, I came across all the preparation work he did before painting a final masterpiece. There were sketches upon sketches of research and studies he made, to make sure he completely…

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Episode 03 – ThetaHealing® Download with Annie Manifesting Money

  This week Annie shows how downloads work through her ThetaHealing® session. See what happens after she makes the request to manifest more money to pay her bills. If you liked what you’ve heard and want to stay updated on upcoming recordings, SUBSCRIBE HERE and you’ll be notified the moment the recordings are up. 

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Épisode 02 – Session de ThetaHealing® avec Carmen qui libère ses peurs des foules

  This is Carmen’s first public ThetaHealing® session with Annie on releasing her fears of crowds. Cette épisode est en français. Chaque 2 semaines nous afficherons des conversations variées pour notre publique bilingue. Cette semaine découvrez comment Carmen libère ses peurs des foules. Si vous aimez cette émission, INSCRIVEZ-VOUS ICI pour recevoir la prochaine diffusion. If you…

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Episode 01 – ThetaHealing® Session with Annie: Kick starting my motivation and projects

  This is Annie’s first public ThetaHealing® session on herself for you to understand what ThetaHealing® is all about. In this episode I, Annie, focus on releasing what’s holding me back to be motivated and kick start myself and my projects.   If you liked what you’ve heard and want to stay updated on upcoming recordings, SUBSCRIBE…

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Why The Weather Affects Us

Why does cold weather have such an effect on us? After having gone through this past winter, especially February being the coldest month in over 100yrs; I was always intrigued as to why people were so grumpy during this time of year. The cold weather seems to turn us into grouches, why is that? This…

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Returning To Your Roots – Part 2

I wanted to continue this month’s topic with a bit more on my understanding of what ‘Returning To My Roots’ meant. There are so many significance to this statement and I wanted to expand a bit more on it. In December’s blog, when sharing my story of going back home, my understanding of this concept was…

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What Exactly Are We Doing?

A lot of people don’t really understand what we do with ThetaHealing®. Here’s a brief explanation as to how we assist you in healing your pains/resistances/blockages. Let’s start at the beginning shall we. As we know through science; we and everything around us are made of energy. If we break it down: Our body is…

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Returning To Your Roots

Not too long ago I took a road trip with my wonderful husband and niece, with the intention to show them the little hometown where I grew up, Rouyn-Noranda in Abitibi-Temiscamingue. More accurately the village right next door, Evain, Quebec, a nice little peaceful place. While day dreaming on our way there, I was curious to see…