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Mastering Our Work

alexColvilleAbout a week ago, I went to the Art Gallery to enjoy the beautiful works of the painter Alex Colville. Mid way through the exhibition, I came across all the preparation work he did before painting a final masterpiece. There were sketches upon sketches of research and studies he made, to make sure he completely understood what he wanted to incorporate in his final paintings.

This moment really made me understand what Carmen and I are going through at this very moment. As some of you might know, Carmen and I are in the process of writing our first book on reconnecting with our intuition. We had a calling to write this book but we didn’t quite know how it would unfold on paper. All we knew was that we had main topics to talk about but we didn’t quite understand what order the message should be presented in.

Luckily, we are working with the most amazing editor in the world and she is guiding us through the process. Thank you Nancy by the way! Through her coaching and homework, making us write and rewrite our work, we are becoming clearer on what our masterpiece will look like.

Through the many drafts, sketches, brainstorm, research we are doing with her, we are mastering our piece of art just like Alex Colville did. The beauty and perfection of his final work was just a fraction of what the picture and work was all about. And after understanding that for myself with this book, it makes me appreciate him even more.

Thank you for this great lesson. Mastery continues to grow as we understand further our craft and message. To all of you who are going through this processes, keep up the great work!

Let’s continue to create and evolve this world.

Until next time,


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