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Épisode 04 – Session de ThetaHealing® avec Carmen qui libère son besoin de valorisation en travaillant avec l’énergie

Carmen’s ThetaHealing® Session with Annie on releasing her need for validation and recognition when working with energy.  Cette épisode est en français. Cette semaine découvrez comment Carmen libère son besoin d’être valorisé et la recherche de la reconnaissance des autres en travaillant avec l’énergie. Si le ThetaHealing® vous intéresse, prenez rendez-vous pour une session d’information GRATUITE en cliquant ici …

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Episode 03 – ThetaHealing® Download with Annie Manifesting Money

  This week Annie shows how downloads work through her ThetaHealing® session. See what happens after she makes the request to manifest more money to pay her bills. If you liked what you’ve heard and want to stay updated on upcoming recordings, SUBSCRIBE HERE and you’ll be notified the moment the recordings are up. 

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Épisode 02 – Session de ThetaHealing® avec Carmen qui libère ses peurs des foules

  This is Carmen’s first public ThetaHealing® session with Annie on releasing her fears of crowds. Cette épisode est en français. Chaque 2 semaines nous afficherons des conversations variées pour notre publique bilingue. Cette semaine découvrez comment Carmen libère ses peurs des foules. Si vous aimez cette émission, INSCRIVEZ-VOUS ICI pour recevoir la prochaine diffusion. If you…

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Episode 01 – ThetaHealing® Session with Annie: Kick starting my motivation and projects

  This is Annie’s first public ThetaHealing® session on herself for you to understand what ThetaHealing® is all about. In this episode I, Annie, focus on releasing what’s holding me back to be motivated and kick start myself and my projects.   If you liked what you’ve heard and want to stay updated on upcoming recordings, SUBSCRIBE…

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What Exactly Are We Doing?

A lot of people don’t really understand what we do with ThetaHealing®. Here’s a brief explanation as to how we assist you in healing your pains/resistances/blockages. Let’s start at the beginning shall we. As we know through science; we and everything around us are made of energy. If we break it down: Our body is…

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Whole Earth Expo May 11-12, 2013

Weekend Access-Pass Winner! We would like to congratulate Sylvia Parker our Winner for the “Weekend Access-Pass for You and a Friend to the Whole Earth Expo.” We had a chance to discuss with Sylvia and wanted to know a bit more about who she was and what she did. Please find bellow our little interview with her….

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Salon du Mieux-Vivre – March 1 & 2, 2014

At Hilton Lac Leamy 3 Blvd du Casino, Gatineau, QC The focus is on prevention, health, nutrition… and anything that can increase your longevity and improve your quality of life. Le Salon Mieux-Vivre reaches all generations who wishes to improve their quality of life. Better living in health and wellness becomes a way of life….

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Rise’NShine TV Interview with Marc Elliott to talk about Let’s Talk… International Coaching

We were lucky to be interviewed  by Marc-Elliott from 365 Partners on their new launched business platform Rise’ N Shine TV to discuss what our business is all about. Click here to watch.   Entrevue française cliquer ici.   Thank you for the great interview. Annie & Carmen