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Visualize Your End Goal

I was reading a daily quote this morning and today’s topic was “Do you know where you’re going?” It dawned on me that that question is quite accurate. We live our lives with continuous goals and dream of what we want to be and achieve for ourselves but how clear are we really on that end vision? How do we know we’ll have reached it when we get there? What tells us we are there?


I do it every day myself; I get an idea of what my goals look like but if someone was to ask me to describe it, I don’t think I would do a very good job at it a lot of the times. This is where visualizing as many details as possible is important! How will I know I’ve got it when I do have it? What are the concrete examples to say I’ve achieved my goal? What does it look like? What do I notice? What do I hear, see, and feel when I’m there?


It’s important to have dreams and goals but it’s just as important to have clear visions of them when they are achieved. I invite you to join me in creating that vision for yourself, just as I am doing for myself.


The big question now may be: “But where do I start?” The great part is; there are multiple tools we can use to express that vision to the best of our abilities. Do what’s best for you but here are a few ideas that may get you started.

  1. It’s as simple as taking a piece of paper and answering the questions asked above. From there expand on those ideas with as much details as possible. If you can think of other questions to ask then go for it!
  2. Make a vision board. How many times have we heard about the famous “Vision Board.” It’s a silly idea to some but when we actually take the time to use pictures to express what we have in our heads, it’s amazing how clearer it actually get even for ourselves.
  3. If you get stuck with the ways to express your visions, as an additional tool, you can also work with a professional coach. I, a coach myself, have a team of coaches to help me with my visualizations. It’s nice to do it alone but it’s even more powerful when you get an outside source asking you the right questions to make that vision clearer for you. Not only that but they may ask you questions you might not have considered asking yourself. The other great thing about working with a coach is that you have someone there to motivate you. You get to share the vision with someone else and it makes the experience a lot more fun!


By visualizing what is right for you to achieve your goals, you actually start seeing clearer ways to get to the end and the best part is, those ways seem to get easier.


Take time and clarify that vision of your end goal, by yourself or with a coach, and see where it leads you.


Until next time,

Annie Gélinas-Olive, PC

Life and Career Development Coach

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